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Fergal Spain Furniture

Greatly influenced by the work and teachings of James Krenov (1920 - 2009), my work is underpinned by a respect for wood as a material.

A great deal of consideration is given to the selection of wood, in terms of colour, grain orientation and graphic qualities; this process of choosing material will often lead me to adjust my initial intention in an effort to arrive at a harmonious outcome. Working thus in symapthy with the wood, and using traditional joinery techniques, I endeavour to create pieces which are quietly elegant.

Fergal has recently been named a special category winner at the 2012 RDS National Craft Competition. His wine rack in wood and stainless steel was selected for the Shackelton Thomas Furniture Internship Award, he will travel to Vermont in the US to spend a month in the workshop of renowned furniture maker Charles Shackelton.