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  • Groups of Hare Pods
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  • Hare Pod
  • Landscape Vase

Tom Callery Ceramics

Tom Callery originally trained in fine art. After graduating, he went to work in the ceramics industry in Sligo for several years before establishing award winning Breeogue Pottery / Callery Ceramics.

Working from sketches & photographs of river banks, bogs and landscapes, he incises these images onto soft clay forms and then uses an ancient japanese glazing technique called ’raku’ which produces an array of rich, iridescent colours and hues.

His richly adorned & freely formed tiles & platters have a quirky and spontaneous nature. Tom also embellishes his pieces with sculpted images of fauna, in particular birds and hares. Tom supplies galleries in Ireland, UK and the USA. He has undertaken and welcomes individual & corporate commissions.